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Blog from February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016


By: Cindy Lundhagen

Consider this fair warning in advance…I feel this compelling need to share what has transpired in my life…especially the last few years. If what I have to say bothers you…just ignore my Monday night posts in the upcoming weeks. And if you need to unfriend me as a result that’s cool too. But I’d ask you to tune in for a few…you see if bits of my story can help just one person I will have served my purpose here.

The last few years have been full of what I now call many, small under-rated miracles. Definition of miracle: an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God. Things have happened in my life that I can call by no other name and that have literally transformed how I view the world. You see I read the Bible for the first time two years ago and began going to church for the first time just over a year ago. I’ve had an unyielding belief in God all my life but thought the Bible was just an old book that was way too long to want to take the time to read, I didn’t see a need to go to church where I thought all the judgmental people hung out and I scoffed at the door-to-door “born again” Christian salespeople trying to push their religion on me. But God found “miraculous” ways to get to me and to bring me home to him and to show me all the pieces I had been missing. If he can do that for me…with my history and my issues…which have kept me in constant fight or fright mode…then he can do that for anyone…and he can and he will if one can let down the walls for just a moment and take that first small step. I now have a conviction or an obsession, if you will, that runs so very deep. And it truly is a Good News story. One that everyone needs to hear. You will be amazed… I’ll tell you more next Monday…

On a slightly humorous note…do you think in heaven we’ll be able to go to sleep to the sound of rain falling on a tin roof?

Cindy Lundhagen – Summerville, SC

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All messages from Brother Cliff can be found in his book titled





By: Brother Cliff

Consider first the Divine nature and character of God: the beauty and majesty of Holy Love. God is Holy Love. He is wholly Holy and He is wholly Love. God; Who is Holy, is inseparable from the God Who is Love. The great “I AM” is ever and always all that He is at all times. God does not, indeed cannot, lay aside one aspect of His nature in order to manifest another. His Divine nature and various attributes are always in absolute harmony at all times.

Just as the Persons of the Trinity within the God-head are each identifiable and yet, inseparable; even so is the fundamental duality of the Divine nature of God. When someone attempts to separate the holiness of God from the love of God; emphasizing one while neglecting the other, they are in danger of misrepresenting the nature and character of God. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are wholly, Holy Love!

Psa 99:5 Exalt ye the LORD our God, and worship at his footstool; for he is holy.

1Jn 4:16 And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.

Brother Cliff — Fort Mill, SC

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Starting Again

About a year ago I tried starting a new feature on Tuesdays Torch to include posts from our friends. This is Friends On Fire for the Lord who have a heart to share their stories and how their lives have been affected by the message of the gospel. Two of these friends of ours have written some messages and have agreed to share them here with us. It is our belief that sharing the perspective of other believers will have an impact on building unity throughout readers of this blog. Hope these posts from our friends will be a blessing to readers and that it will help grow their faith.

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Battered Heart

Battered Heart


By: Damien Garrett

My childhood was like no other.  We was well taken care of! My father pasted away when he was 25 on Christmas Day.  I barely knew of him. Before I was even 2 my mother was remarried to my sisters Dad. We lived in Gastonia NC until I was almost 5, we packed up and moved into our brand new home in Lake Wylie SC! When the next school year started I was enrolled into Bethel Elementary.  I completed through 3rd grade there. At this moment in life mine and my sister’s lives were flipped upside down. My Mom and my sisters Dad decided to separate and get a divorce. All up to this point I thought we were the perfect All-American family. We always went on vacation and spent plenty of family time together. The only man that I knew as Daddy at this early age was being taken out of my life. It felt like my heart was chewed up and spit out! We moved in with my mom’s mother again! Every time when we ended up in this situation we were watched like we was ex-cons. Over the next 3 years we went through it like our family was the FBI, putting our lives under surveillance. I was put to the test of being a truly broken soul! My attitude was totally not of me, I was at a point where my little heart was hardened! I would back talk my mom for no reason. Even to folks I really know. Marijuana was the first true drug I experimented with! To my surprise it led to many others. I was blindsided. At the end of 3 years at my Grandmother’s house my mom was remarried once again. At this page in the diary of my life we returned to the Clover School District! This Demon of a Step Father was physically abusive and verbally to me and my baby sister. God says that he would never put anything on us we cannot handle. Since the beginning he was by our side and when that trumpet sounds all these things only make me that much stronger. I wasn’t really raised in the Church but in all of my days Jesus never lied to me about how His love for each of us was so powerful! All He has ever wanted from us is to let Him into our hearts. God is love and He died for us all.  He begs us to follow Him by just the words that we know from the Bible. The more we acknowledge Christ the more wisdom we will get from His word. Nothing Satan does against us can prosper. The stronger our relationship gets with God, the better our understanding of His plan.

Seeds were planted by many folks through my days, it was just so hard for me to surrender my worldly lifestyle! My mom stayed with the abusive husband until I was 15, then at that time they got a divorce. That was the first separation that gave me the relief of a house being lifted off my chest! In my eyes the only thing that husband did right was the financial part! It wasn’t long and she had another male in her life. I was way past fed up and hurt, I moved in with her mama again.  As a young adult by this time I was still not broke down enough to quit getting my education! I played a variety of sports in school and was very good at some. Cause of being mental abused childhood my girlfriend relationships never lasted long. My eleventh and twelve grade years I had scouts looking at me for scholarships. I narrowed it down to 2. But before my graduating year was complete, I had gotten my girlfriend pregnant. Boy this threw in a curve ball for my plans as what to do.  After lots of thinking I joined the Army.  My upbringing even though it was a lot of being mistreated I still had the correct knowledge of what a man needs to do when children were involved! We got married and she moved with me after Basic Training.  Before I was shipped off the child’s heart stopped beating. It was too late to turn this around I was already sworn in by oath. About 3 years went by and she committed sin against her husband as in adultery. This was a big blow to my already battered heart! Although once again God carried me through. Still after all of this I completed 8 years of military service! I became an alcoholic to ease the pain, but it only made matters worse. After a few more short-term relationships I met my oldest kid’s mother. We continued on for over eight years. She finally was broken from the ways I had treated her through our time together, so she decided it was best that we should go our separate ways. This was a life changer for me. Sorry the way that my life had been going, those people reading probably guessed that I went through some more unhealthy relationships.  Along a short path after my divorce I connected with my youngest son’s mother. Not too many months later she got pregnant. She’s an awesome mother and has my highest respect. I had been touched by Gods saving power before the turn of the century but had a lot to learn!  During my service years when I was deployed in combat on 3 occasions. Through all this turmoil Jesus saw fit to pull me out of harm’s way again. After that I was in and out of jails. In 2008 I was arrested for Armed Robbery.  It took me awhile after being incarcerated when I finally fell to my knees and laid it all down. I surrendered to the Lord with a good opened heart; no longer hardened by my battered life!

Damien Garrett – York, SC

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Blind Bartimaeus

Blind Bartimaeus


By: Bobby Stewart

The Lord truly does answer prayers.  When we seek his help, we can be sure that he indeed hears us and answers.  Mark 10:46 paints the picture of blind Bartimaeus sitting on the highway side begging.  Upon hearing that Jesus was approaching, he began to call out for the Lord to have mercy on him.  Shouting out in hopes of being heard above the noise of the crowd.  Many tried to silence him and tell him to be quiet.  How often does the cunning adversary try to tell us that calling out in prayer is useless and pointless?  The world joins forces with him to convince us to not call out far too often. But we must persist.  Ultimately, the Master heard the calls of Bartimaeus and asked that he be brought before him.  In verse 51 a very important question was then asked of Bartimaeus, a question I feel he asks of each of us:  “What wilt thou that I should do unto thee?”  He asks to receive his sight.  What would I ask? What would you ask?  A healing request? A career? Spouse? Help with an addiction? More time with a loved one?

We must realize that the Lord wishes to bless us.  Sometimes we are granted the righteous desires of our hearts in this life, others will receive those desires in the hereafter.  We must continue to seek the Lord. For those who receive their biggest wishes in this life, what does this story from the Gospel of Mark tell us to do?  Let us rejoin the story of Bartimaeus.  Upon requesting his sight back, Jesus says to him in verse 52: “Go thy way, thy faith hath made thee whole”.  Just like that: Healed.  Prayer answered.  I pay special attention to the fact that Christ says “go THY way”, he says he can go where he wants to go, the next few words show the character of Bartimaeus.  “Immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the way.”  Note, it doesn’t say he ran off to go see all the things he couldn’t see, or live it up with his newfound sight.  He follows Jesus.  If granted the grandest desires of our heart, would we do likewise?  Would we follow Christ even when he says “go thy way”?  Would our way be wherever Jesus leads us?  It is my hope and prayer that you continue to call out to God in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior, and that you receive the righteous desires of your heart.  That when that day comes, like Bartimaeus you will continue to follow Jesus in the way!  I share this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Bobby Stewart – York, SC

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