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Tuesday’s Torch 608

Tuesday’s Torch 608

October 6, 2020

I’ve been going back and forth over the message for tonight, especially as it is the 100th consecutive numbered Torch I’ve done since being entrusted with carrying it forward, but feel like this is the proper direction to go.  I miss Tim and Joe Sader.  Such amazing guys that each in their own ways could really brighten a room and cause you to have more joy in your life.  I will forever treasure all of the great memories we made together and consider myself a better person by having known them.  I know for a fact I’m not the only one who feels that way. 

I’ve been trying to think of what to discuss today when I spoke with Tim and Joey’s mom and got some input from her and from Tim’s wife Sammy.  I searched back through some Torches from years ago and will quote from a message written by Tim as a large portion of tonight’s message.

Trusting in God can at times be easy and other times very difficult.  When things are good and it seems everything is falling into place, it’s easy to say we trust in God as we point out all we are being blessed with.  When things aren’t going perfectly though, it’s not always so simple.  And when things are absolutely terrible, what then?  Here are some of my friend Tims thoughts from April 2016:

“The times in my life I have most trusted in God have come after some of the most difficult moments I have faced. At the end of 2007 I had to be hospitalized because of some chest congestion that messed up the gasses in my blood. This was extremely life threatening but I had a dream about being in the hand of God and after a tough battle I rededicated my life to Him. In 2011 my brother Joe died but instead of blaming God I trusted Him even when I became ill from the grief and seemed to be following him to the grave. I grew so much in these two experiences that I am not the same as I used to be. Trusting God especially when it’s difficult is the best thing we can do because He will be our refuge.”

I am absolutely grateful that Tim responded to these challenges that would have broken many but that he pushed through in faith and rededicated himself to the Lord. I know that God had many purposes left for my friend Tim and it is to complete those purposes that he was blessed with as much time as he was.  This last couple days have caused lots of thoughts about my friends.  This whole month will be full of memories for all who knew and loved them.  Two days ago would’ve marked Tims birthday and later this month we would’ve been celebrating with Joe by undoubtedly crunching down on some crab legs somewhere or another. 

God has many purposes for each of us and it is my prayer that we can all rise to accomplish ours throughout all of the challenges that attempt to interfere.  No matter where you are or what your circumstances may be, I can assure you that you have a purpose and that God has a work for you to do if you are but willing.  Tim was.  That’s why this weekly Torch even exists!  I’d like to share a few more words from that Torch which I hope can be of great help to us all:

“When the world around us is falling apart we can keep our composure if our trust is in the Lord because we know it will be okay no matter what. We must learn to trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding; if we will submit our ways to Him our path will be made strait (Proverbs 3:5-6). Walking a straight path is easy but when we are on a path that He’s not leading us down it is easy to get lost.”

At this point in the message Tim compared following a path without the guidance of the Lord to being lost with no directions, map or GPS and no knowledge of where you’re even at and then trying to find your way.  But how glorious it is that we can always turn to God, we can always seek our Father in prayer.  We can always follow the example of our savior Jesus Christ to find the way, by reading and studying of his life and ministry. And we can rely on the Holy Ghost to guide and direct us. We need never be lost in the wilderness if we are but willing to turn our lives over to God, He will see us through.  He will lead us to the purposes he has for us. 

That previous message and much of this Torch are based out of Psalm 62:8 which states:  “Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us”  I can testify that as we do that, we will receive help and strength to overcome our challenges and accomplish the righteous purposes God has in store for us.  There are things that need doing and people that need to be reached that just maybe you are the only one who can accomplish it.  Please accept the call, please put in the effort and be willing to serve God. 

I know that Tim put his faith in God, that same God that you and I put our faith in.  While reading through some of the past Torches he wrote it was impossible not to notice the vast difference in our writing styles.  But these words I will share with you that he shared long ago absolutely mirror the feelings of my heart.

“God is Able to handle everything that we need Him to; nothing is impossible with Him. Since He wants to and can do far beyond our greatest dreams we should trust our lives to Him. At all times we can trust in God; we can pour our heart out to Him and no matter what it is between us and Him. We all have secrets, hidden sins or things we would tell to no one. We can take it to God because He already knows, we can run to Him for safety and we will not be disappointed with the outcome. Secrets are safe with Him because He has guidance for us to handle what needs to be dealt with.” -Tim Sader.

I add my testimony to his, that as we Trust God, as we turn our lives over to God, he can help us to accomplish far more than we could on our own because absolutely nothing is impossible for God!  And if we are allowing God to work through us, according to his will, then absolutely nothing will be impossible for us as well. I share these words ever so humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

-Bobby Stewart and Tim Sader

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