Tuesday’s Torch 593

23 Jun










Tuesday’s Torch 593

June 23, 2020




Tonight I would like to share some thoughts I had as they relate to an activity I set up for the kids earlier today.  For quite a while they’ve been wanting to pretend that the floor is lava and try to keep from touching it.  The last few days it had been more of a topic of discussion due to a tv gameshow on Netflix so today I sent them into my room and surprised them by setting up an obstacle course to play the game in the house.


While setting it up I had to consider their ages and ability levels.  I wanted to give them some problem solving and physical challenges but had to balance that with making sure they could actually safely complete it.  So I set it up and then watched them excitedly work their way through.


It was enjoyable to see them accomplish the task but there was definitely some worry because there was a chance of injury.  Especially if they were to try something crazy like jumping from too far a distance or slipping.  There were a couple close calls and it took them a bit to figure out how to pass a couple of the obstacles.  I was so tempted to just tell them what to do but watched as they figured out a way by themselves.


With Father’s Day having been a couple days ago and then today’s activity, I began to think about our relationship with God our Heavenly Father.  So often one of the arguments I have heard is, “If God is Good, why do bad things happen?”  I thought about the game I set up for my children.  I wanted them to be challenged while they had fun and hoped they would learn and grow from the experience.  But could they have made mistakes and gotten hurt?  Yes.  Could my son or daughter have hurt each other with those mistakes?  Absolutely.  Because accidents happen.


I could have prevented or limited the risk by either not letting them play at all or having decreased the difficulty which would also diminish the opportunity for growth.  I feel that as God watches us go through our lives, it’s quite possible that he feels similar to my feeling when watching them play today.  Pride when we do something good, worry for us that we might make a mistake and hurt ourselves or others.  Clearly God knows everything and has set things up perfectly for us to have the best chance to learn, grow, be challenged and ultimately succeed. There are plenty of ways things can go right or wrong.


And guess what?  He has the answers.  He knows what we should do to get past all of our obstacles, but where would be the opportunity for growth if He steps in and tells us what to do in every decision before we even consider all the options?  That opportunity would be gone.


Now there were a couple times that I would help them out with guidance when they needed it, especially when they would ask for it.  I could drop hints to let them still figure out as much as possible or sometimes more direct advice to prevent injury.  God does that for us in a much more amazing way than what I could do for my kids today, because our God is a God of more than enough.  Sometimes we feel like we are not enough or jut barely enough.  As we turn to God we will realize that we are created to be more than enough too, especially with his help.


My kids today were so excited and happy taking part in the challenge.  One thing that was wonderful for me, is how excited and happy they were to do their best and be successful with me watching them and cheering them on.  Let us not lose sight of the very real truth that God our eternal father and his son Jesus Christ are watching us and cheering us on too, because they love us!  Let us strive to make them proud, let us reach out for advice and help when we need it through prayer and scripture study, and let us rise to all of the challenges of life.  I know that we will receive the help we need to make it to the finish line.  I share these simple thoughts in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


-Bobby Stewart

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