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Tuesday’s Torch 580








Tuesday’s Torch 580

March 24, 2020


There are so many ways I could go with the torch tonight.  A lot is going on in the world with this blasted virus going around, schools and workplaces shutting down.  I have had a lot of personal frustrations as I am sure many of us have at this point. With all that said I’m gonna take a little detour that may or may not be helpful or address some of what a lot of us are feeling but maybe it will.


I’m obviously going to hit a scripture or two at some point but let’s cut to the important topic at hand.  Plasticware.  Yes, that old plastic throw away plastic silverware that usually accompanies so many occasions.


Weeks back I talked about my Maw Maw, and specifically about a special cup that I inherited when she passed away.  Today’s message will hit on a lesson that I learned from that wonderful woman too. Every time there was a family gathering at my Maw Maws house there was one thing that everyone knew would be seen.  A box.  And unless I’m mistaken, it was a shoebox that she would bring out and sit at the end of the table beside the food.  In that box? Plasticware.  Oh but not one kind of plasticware. Not brand new either.  All sorts that had been collected through the years, actual years worth of family dinners. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, you name it, that box was there.  See when people would go to throw their plates away, she would take them, and any plastic forks or spoons that weren’t broken, into the sink they went to be washed and put back into that box once dry.  Now some of you may think “eww gross” or try to question if it was sanitary or not or point at the inexpensive nature of plasticware.


But to my maw maw, she would bust out that box proud to be supplying the eating utensils one more time.  Your spoon and fork weren’t going to match each other or the ones used by your brother, sister or cousin.  Heck, one of them might be from a design that stopped being made over ten years before the other one.  It might be super sturdy or it could be a little less sturdy.  What you got could be random or based on whether you were a kid or an adult or based upon what you were gonna be snagging from the wonderful down home southern banquet we were blessed with.


Now there may be some of you who know a thing or two about fancy dining.  About going to a dinner where someone would break out the fine china and the fancy silverware.  But I can guarantee you that none of those people hosting those dinners brought that out with more gusto than my sweet maw maw wearing her smock, busting out the shoebox full of plasticware.


Now you might think I’m crazy, especially if talking about this is bringing out my emotions which it may or may not be.  I’m never sure.  But here’s where I’m gonna put this together.  In my mind.  The way my Maw Maw treated that silverware, I kinda feel like it’s kind of similar to the way our Heavenly Father and our Savior would be towards us.


When we feel disposable, when we feel dirty, when we feel all used up.  And we are right about to go in that garbage can, or heck maybe even after we’ve been mistakenly tossed, there’s the Savior.  Ready to pick us back up, toss us in the sink, wash us and make us clean again, and keep us safe, to bring us back, to accomplish our purpose and his purposes for us.  And he doesn’t just do that one time, he does it over and over again. And now, he will even go above and beyond what that amazing woman could do with plasticware, He even saves and keeps and makes better than ever, even the truly broken.  What the world would consider beyond repair and hopeless. Not even worthy of the recycle bin.  But not to God. And not to Jesus.


We don’t all match, no, we aren’t all gonna look the same.  Some of us might look nicer or fancier than others, built different, different colors, different ages, maybe some of us look more like a salad fork while others are clearly meant for something a little more hearty if you’re with me on this and know what I mean.


Now I know you’re all wondering when I’m gonna get to some scriptural reference point so I should probably do that.  So in Luke 9, Jesus looks up to find this short, rich publican named Zacchæus watching for him in a tree.  Jesus told him to get down because he was coming to his house. Now people started to murmur and talk about how Jesus was going to spend time with a sinner.  Now as I talked about how my Maw Maw would save up this old plasticware that most would have discarded and thrown away, Jesus says in verse 10, “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”


So no, you’re not lost forever or something or someone disposable, not to our Heavenly Father who sent his Son because of how much He loves you! Now I’m sure someone is gonna go away from this message saying “Bobby compared me to a plastic spoon! What in the world was that?”  And that’s perfectly fine.


But I also hope that you leave this message with hope, and with happiness, and with the knowledge that no matter what you have been through, no matter how you feel about yourself, no matter how other people may see you.  You have tremendous worth.  Turn to the Savior who will make something wonderful of you.  Just thinking about how happy and proud my Maw Maw was with her shoebox of mismatched forks and spoons, it makes me happy.  Now up that thinking into how amazingly proud and happy our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ will be with us, when we have been washed clean, saved, repaired and ready to be proudly brought out just in time for a great feast.  Wow.  We each are worth more than we can even imagine.  And Well, just consider this a little food for thought if you will.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!


-Bobby Stewart

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