Tuesday’s Torch 568

01 Jan





Tuesday’s Torch 568

December 31, 2019


Tonight isn’t just New Year’s Eve but it was also my sweet daughters 7th birthday. So happy birthday to Lila!  After a day full of fun and festivities that had my son already having fallen asleep on the way home I asked her if she wanted to have a glass of milk with me.


I then grabbed a couple very special glasses from the cabinet.  Glasses that make me remember and think about my Maw Maw Stewart.  She was a wonderful and great woman.  And I always had a fun time at her house and she helped take care of and helped raise a lot of us back in those days.  When I would be at her house she would call me her little Buck because that was my Paw Paws name.  He passed away shortly before I turned one and apparently I looked a lot like him growing up and reminded her of him.


She even let me sit at the head of the table cause people actually still sat at a table for meals and had usual places to sit and that was where my paw paw used to sit.  What I’m saying is I think she played favorites and sorry siblings and cousins, it was me!!   But the thing about grandparents is all the good ones leave all of their grandchildren feeling like they were the favorite and I think she did a fantastic job of that.


But back to the milk and the glasses.  Another tradition at her house was that in her cupboard she had a lot of different glasses and sets of glasses but she had only one of a kind of beveled brownish kind of glass that I thought was the coolest.  I drank out of it every chance I got, in my spot at the end of the table.  Because I was her little Buck.  Oh I always felt ten feet tall.


Years passed and as happens, even those larger than life amazing people we love eventually pass away. And she did.  She had outlived my Paw Paw by 30 years.  I’m sure their reunion in the hereafter is a joyful one.  Again I’m getting carried away with bragging about my Maw Maw.


I always drank out of that glass and after she passed away, my dad was going to her house to help with going through things and getting everything sorted and he asked if there had been anything at her house that I would like to have to remember her by.  I said yes, if you could get that one cup she had that I always drank out of and I gave him a brief description.   He brought it home to me that night.  I still have it.   I would always get it out on special occasions or times I just needed to remember her and the happiness from my childhood and how much she loved me.


A while back I found a set of eleven glasses that match the one I inherited from my Maw Maw.  I bought them and replaced pretty much all of my actual glasses with them.  So I showed Lila a picture of her, told her a little about her and who she was, and we drank some ice cold milk together just before getting her to sleep and sitting down to write this message.


My Maw Maw taught me a lot, she helped me to believe in myself because she believed in me.  She made me proud to be me and to be her little Buck.  And here at the end of this year and the beginning of the next one, I really need a little of that brought to my remembrance. I have so much to be thankful for but so many trials that have really left me rocked but God is aware and I will trust in Him.


I invite each of you to think back to someone whether they are alive or have passed on, someone wonderful that was an irreplaceable blessing in your life.  And allow that feeling and memory to strengthen and uplift and inspire you for the new year and all that follow.


It is stated in Proverbs 10:7. that “The memory of the just ​is​ blessed”. It also has a bit of a warning about the wicked but this message is gonna stay positive and about the blessing side of things.  So tonight I am thankful for the opportunity I had tonight to share a little with my daughter about a woman that had a profound impact on my life.  She was definitely a just woman and her memory is truly a blessing.


God is great and good and wonderful, especially for gifting us with such people as my Maw Maw Stewart.  Happy New Year!  I raise my glass to each of you.  And I share this message in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


-Bobby Stewart

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