Tuesday’s Torch week 507

23 Oct

We grow weary in our present bodies, and we long to put on our heavenly bodies like new clothing… While we live in these earthly bodies, we groan and sigh, but it’s not that we want to die and get rid of these bodies that clothe us. Rather, we want to put on our new bodies so that these dying bodies will be swallowed up by life. (2 Corinthians 5:2-4)

It is with a very heavy heart that I must inform you that at 5:35 pm on October 17, 2018, my angel Timothy Sader’s traded his earthly body for his heavenly body. Below are some of the words spoken about Tim when we gathered to celebrate his life on Sunday.

From me, Sammy, his loving wife:

Each person that had the opportunity to know Timothy David Sader probably has a story…one that makes them smile…or laugh…or maybe brings a tear to their eye today.  But recalling just one story about Timmy, for me, would be nearly impossible…as he was, truly, my EVERYTHING.

More than my husband, or my very best friend… Timmy was the one whose hand fit perfectly in mine. He was the one I could communicate with clearly-even when there were no words. He was wise beyond his years and understood me, even when I wasn’t sure I understood myself. He led me, and guided me during our days together, and opened my mind to a deeper understanding of who God is and how He sees me. Timmy was strong in areas when I was weak and was able to lift me up when I was down. When the storms of life came-he was always able to bring sunshine back into my day. He was the soundtrack to my life and the playlist in my heart.

While his dedication to his writing often took his eyes off me on Tuesdays, I am incredibly proud of the amazing man of God that he was and the way that he was able to impact people all over the world by sharing the love of Jesus with them. He inspired me, and always will keep me thinking of ways to change the world and make it a better place.

Maybe it was the light of God that shined so brightly from his beautiful blue eyes, but to me, he was magical…in all the ways he knew me, in all the ways he changed my days…in all the ways my life will never be the same… he was a glimpse of heaven on earth for me, and even though he’s a world apart, he’ll forever stay on my mind.

From John, His bromance:

Hi -it is an honor to be here and talk with all of you who also love Tim, a man we all admired, a man who, even as we speak, is dancing with Jesus.

How do you pay tribute to a man that has touched so many of our lives so profoundly? I don’t think one five minute speech or one celebration of life can tell that story.

No, it will take each of us a lifetime of living the way he encouraged us and inspired us to live to truly honor his memory, so that is my challenge to all of us today even as I try to give you just a glimpse of this man who we all loved and admired.

I love how on his Facebook page Tim declares “I’m a Writer”, of course, we all know he was so much more, but to honor him the best way I know how, the glimpse I am going to give you of Tim is through the lens of Tim the writer.

For 9 +years – probably closer to ten, if my math is right, and well over 500 times Tim wrote his blog Tuesday’s Torch  .

That is over 500 times Tim chose to devote time to tell us how Jesus impacted him and his life in hopes of impacting some of ours. Think about that – Over 500 times Tim ‘died to himself’ so others around the world could hear about how God was working in his life.

From a young age, Tim knew he only had a limited amount of time. But he spent a good chunk of that precious time trying to tell God’s story to us through his story.

Just sit with that for a second – think about all he had to overcome just to physically crank one of these posts out… yet he did it, dutifully and beautifully, for 1/2 his adult life.

His blog started out as a love letter to all of us. I haven’t been able to read all of the earlier ones he wrote. I went out to his old My Space site and I got hit with a mess of spam and ads and couldn’t get to the content  – that is how long he’s been doing it – My Space was a thing when he started!

Dawn and Dave (his parents) told me the other night about how Tim felt when he had to write one on the day his brother died, they say he said that was the hardest one he ever wrote, but my friends, he did it- anyway…

If you do get to read some of his earlier posts you’ll learn about Tims life story, you’ll encounter how he literally saw Jesus as a child, just after his family got the news that he and his brother had muscular dystrophy. You’ll hear about how that spurned him to give his life to Christ and how he felt his life was blessed thereafter with minor miracles time and time again. You’ll hear about his attempt at ministry with kids and trying to build a skatepark. You’ll read about his trip to Australia with Make a Wish. You’ll hear about the friends who’s lives he touched and those who touched his. You’ll read about his dreams for different ministries, some of which played out how he expected and some of which didn’t and how he found in each a lesson and a blessing anyway.

If you can’t bring yourself to read the blog right away just go scroll through his Facebook page today- you’ll get a glimpse of what’s in the blog – a glimpse of all the lives he touched and the way he loved people.

If you know him, a lot or a little, you know all this already, but if you read his story you’ll truly get to see how he turned every moment of his life into a lesson – a torch lighting the way to Jesus. You’ll read a love story – a story of one man’s love for God and how he saw every moment of his life through the lens of being loved by God and our opportunity to love each other.

You’ll read about this man, who instead of living his life feeling sorry for himself or asking for pity, instead of letting setbacks keep him down, loved humanity relentlessly and how he hurt for people who might never find the love and sheer joy he found in his lord and Saviour.

If you read some of his more recent posts they are a different kind of love story. A love story of how he and Sammy found each other and how each moment of their lives together was a testimony to: “What really matters in this world”: which he said was: “loving family and being a blessing in return for the fountain of blessing we have received”

When I was asked to pray at Tims bedside with his family on the day of his passing – I asked God to welcome into his arms a mighty warrior

Those words came to me because that is what Tim was while on this earth :

A mighty warrior who made a choice to live his life encouraging others

A mighty warrior who set himself aside and made a choice to love – his family, his wife and all of us

Tim made these choices, as he said it, to

“encourage others with a message of hope”

Folks, I offer you today that Tims life and the choices he made to live it the way he did was a message to all of us

Just like the Saviour he knew and followed so well, he was both a messenger and a living, loving message – the best disciples are always both

He believed that his mission was to quote Tim again:

“shine the light into peoples darkness so the Lord could illuminate them.”

In His blogs about page Tim  “claimed no affiliation with any certain denomination or man-made tradition because ( he believed ) our views get in Gods way and Jesus is THE WAY (John 14:6).

Tim wanted to…

“challenge people to get things right with the creator by living a life of Love”

He believed the words of Jesus that Matthew shared with us

that we all should, Love the Lord our God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’ (Matthew 22:37-39).

So back to my challenge to us: Love like Jesus did folks, love like Tim the mighty warrior did folks, and be a Torch like He was,

Tim was salt and light, a good and faithful servant who had a romance with Sammy as well as a bromance with humanity,  who did exactly as he set out to do, all the days of his life, he truly did and forever will, with his legacy…

…encourage others with a message of hope
From his best friend, Bobby Stewart, to whom the Tuesday Torch has been passed:

Tim Sader has been a wonderful friend to me. He has been there for me for years. Anytime I have needed someone to talk to that I knew would be supportive, positive and uplifting, Tim has been there. He has talked me off the ledge several times during my more difficult trials. Tim’s legacy is one of Love. Tim loved as close to the way the Savior loves as I think I have ever seen in a person. By knowing Tim, we all understand the Love of the Savior even more. Tim devoted himself to sharing messages of hope and inspiration each week through the Tuesday’s torch devotional, and each day has been an example of serving God and others. In this time while we are suffering and hurting because of this loss I would like to call attention to Jesus Christ and more specifically to the Atonement. In the Garden of Gethsemane, the Savior took upon himself our sins. And while everyone for the most part knows that, a lot of people don’t understand that He also took upon himself our pain, our feelings of guilt, our sadnesses that we feel. He felt all of that, which is why his Suffering was so great that he bled from every pore. And while he suffered that pain for all mankind, he also suffered it for you and for me individually. Think about that for a moment, even if all that He endured would have only saved you, He would have done it the same. So as we suffer, let us lean on the Savior, He has felt this pain, He has borne this grief for you already, surely He can comfort you at this time. By their fruits, ye shall know them. Tim brought forth more than I could ever mention. So I will say this, think of Him, right now think of whatever story it is that You would tell about Tim. It will bring a smile to your face and/or a tear to your eye. I love Tim. Tim loved us all. He especially loves his family and close friends. He so loves his wonderful Mom and his Dad. His Sweet Sammy makes him so happy! I do not speak in the past tense regarding his love because I know that it continues on and will burn brightly for all eternity. I will keep these remarks brief, I so wish I could be there with you all to remember Tim, and to Honor Tim, and to celebrate Tim and all that he means to all of us. I love each of you, even though there are some of you that I probably have never met. I love you because Tim loves you, and you love Tim. May God bless you Tim and may God forever look over those of your loved ones who are here without you. We will see you again! Thank you for being an example of Christlike love for all of us. There are so many more things I would like to say, but I will simply end by stating that God lives, He loves us, Jesus Christ is our savior and I am so grateful for all of the blessings I have been granted, especially for my wonderful friend Tim. He and his brother Joe will both forever be etched in my heart as truly remarkable blessings to me, I would not be the person I am today, and to be quite honest I may not even be here were it not for him. I love Tim Sader and his wonderful family with all of my heart, and Sammy and her family as well, greater people have I never known than those found in these two loving families! I am here for you, even if my wheelchair van prevented me from being here in person on this day. I leave these words with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. Luke 8:16

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