Blog from February 8, 2016

18 Jun

February 8, 2016


By: Cindy Lundhagen

Consider this fair warning in advance…I feel this compelling need to share what has transpired in my life…especially the last few years. If what I have to say bothers you…just ignore my Monday night posts in the upcoming weeks. And if you need to unfriend me as a result that’s cool too. But I’d ask you to tune in for a few…you see if bits of my story can help just one person I will have served my purpose here.

The last few years have been full of what I now call many, small under-rated miracles. Definition of miracle: an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God. Things have happened in my life that I can call by no other name and that have literally transformed how I view the world. You see I read the Bible for the first time two years ago and began going to church for the first time just over a year ago. I’ve had an unyielding belief in God all my life but thought the Bible was just an old book that was way too long to want to take the time to read, I didn’t see a need to go to church where I thought all the judgmental people hung out and I scoffed at the door-to-door “born again” Christian salespeople trying to push their religion on me. But God found “miraculous” ways to get to me and to bring me home to him and to show me all the pieces I had been missing. If he can do that for me…with my history and my issues…which have kept me in constant fight or fright mode…then he can do that for anyone…and he can and he will if one can let down the walls for just a moment and take that first small step. I now have a conviction or an obsession, if you will, that runs so very deep. And it truly is a Good News story. One that everyone needs to hear. You will be amazed… I’ll tell you more next Monday…

On a slightly humorous note…do you think in heaven we’ll be able to go to sleep to the sound of rain falling on a tin roof?

Cindy Lundhagen – Summerville, SC

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