Tuesdays Torch week 477

27 Mar

Tuesday’s Torch


By: Tim Sader

The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. (Matthew 22:2)

At the beginning of August I popped the question at the coffee shop where I surprised her one time before. After she said yes we only were able to spend a few short days together before I had to go home and get ready for a family retreat mom and I signed up for many months sooner. We felt jipped that our time together after such a milestone had to be cut short with these prior obligations. Joni and Friends family retreat was quite an experience for us, we had some fun but I was mostly missing my new fiancé and I told everyone about her. Just a few weeks after coming home from camp I made plans for to go see Sammy again. I made reservations at Intown Suites where we paid for an entire week. This trip was mostly for pleasure but we also wanted to get a head start on wedding plans by finding a venue and scheduling a caterer. When I first got into town mom and I checked in at our hotel then went to Sammy and her dad’s house for dinner. That night we had spaghetti dinner with her family and hung out in her bedroom until we had to go back to the hotel that night. The next day we hung out more in Sammy’s room holding hands and cuddling up to watch Dawsons Creek. Sometime that day her phone case broke so that evening we went to Verizon to find a new one. After that we went to a Japanese Steakhouse where we sat at the hibachi grill and watched them make it live. We dropped Sammy off at home after that and went back to the hotel to get sleep before church in the morning. We got up early, ate a few bites then went to Sammy’s and followed them to church. When we got out we went back to her house and had leftover spaghetti for lunch followed by more Dawson until dinner. We all ate Bojangles chicken and sides that night and enjoyed family time at the table. That Monday we started with the wedding planning; we looked up some caterers and set up a call back for the following day. The rest of the day we watched more Dawsons Creek and had Zaxbys for dinner. On Tuesday I wrote the Torch in Sammy’s room and the caterer called, they quoted us 2 to 3 thousand dollars. That night Sammy’s dad made a beef roast with gravey, corn and potatoes. The next day it was rainy so we had a couple meals at home and finally finished the Dawsons Creek marathon that seemed to last forever.

On our last 2 days together we had to get busy with preparations for the wedding we were planning for the following spring. Thursday after lunch at Oscars we went to the military base to check out a venue called the Redbank Club. They had different prices and packages to accommodate various weddings. It was like 5 thousand dollars for what we wanted but that didn’t include food. Before going there we tried the Shriners Club twice but it was closed. They called us later so the next day after eating at Ryan’s we went out to it again at 3 p.m. In the bible it says the kingdom of heaven is like a king preparing a wedding for his son. When preparing for a wedding if money was no obstacle most people would want it to be the best of everything. The kingdom of heaven is the best of everything. Those who choose Christ are blessed to inherit the kingdom prepared for them from the beginning (Mt. 25:34). Christ said there are many rooms in the Fathers house and He was going to prepare it for us. When He’s through He will come back again so we can go with Him again to that place. By Him is the way we get there (Jn. 14:2-4). We cannot see, hear or conceive what God has prepared for us who love Him (1 Cor. 2:9). God is good to all mankind so there is no limit to the love he shows His loved ones. We are the handiwork of God, created in Christ to do the good works He prepared for us to do (Eph. 2:10). Both places we looked at were nice and would work for us but inspite of or best preparations something better was in the works for our perfect wedding.


Lord I ask that we would be busy doing the good works you prepared for us to do. There is no limit to your love for us God so help us to not put limits on you because of our unbelief. Lord we know that you already have the best of everything so help us to live our lives so that we are worthy to inherit everything your son prepared for us when He went away. In Jesus name, Amen.

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No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. Luke 8:16

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One response to “Tuesdays Torch week 477

  1. J Johnson

    03/28/2018 at 7:59 AM

    Great job Tim I love hearing your love story and the way you point us back
    To God. I shared this on Google and Pinterest.


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