Tuesdays Torch week 457

17 Oct

Tuesday’s Torch


By: Tim Sader

Listen and hear my voice; pay attention and hear what I say. (Isaiah 28:23)

After I was sick and got my life right with the Lord a group of us took a faith journey to the revival in Florida so we could feel the Spirit in tangible ways. Right before we went to Florida there was a church I heard about in a book I read many years previously not knowing it was near me. While watching GodTV I was reacquainted with MorningStar Fellowship when I saw their program on there. It showed their church is in Fort Mill, SC so I had to check it out since it was less than thirty miles from my front door. To get there I had to convince someone to bring me and it had been years since we went to church as a family so it felt impossible. One weekend after going to eat near there I asked if we could drive out to the old Heritage USA which is now MorningStar. It was shortly after a service but Mom decided to go in and check it out hoping to get some kind of feeling about whether we should try it out. To her surprise she felt great peace when she went in and walked around so her, my brother and I decided we would try it out. One Sunday near Easter we decided to get up early so we could get there for the second service at eleven. Right before we left my friend Terry saw us getting ready to leave and decided to come with us to MorningStar. The building they have services in is actually the atrium of Heritage International Ministries Confrence Center and Hotel. There is a rounded stage with large white columns in the front center where they preach from. There are elevators on both ends, a pit area off to one side and four stories of open walkways overlooking the sanctuary. On the first visit it seems a bit distracting but after a while it’s easy to get used to. Terry felt uncomfortable with a café selling coffee and pastries before church so he waited at the van for us. I think he overreacted some but it just wasn’t the place for him. I had waited almost ten years to go to church there and from the moment I went through their doors I knew that I was in the right place at the right time. Suddenly I was in a place that got me spiritually and I enjoyed the freedom they allowed so that we could learn to hear from the Lord how He wanted to use us.

MorningStar is a church unlike most churches I have attended. Their main focus is on the prophetic ministry being restored to us in the last day church. We must learn to choose life and live in the blessings of God. If we love Him we will learn to listen to His voice. He is our life and will lead us into the Promised Land if we follow His leadership (Dt. 30:19-20). To listen to the Lord it is important that we pay attention so that we can hear what He is saying to us. God rarely speaks to us in an audible voice and if he does often times it is a whisper. God speaks to us through signs, wonders, dreams, prophetic experiences, words of wisdom, knowledge and through other people. At MorningStar I learned about these spiritual gifts and saw them at work in my life and through others. No matter which way we go in life we need to hear that voice behind us telling us the right way to go (Isa. 30:21). This is what prophetic ministry does for us. Those who listen to the voice of the Lord are His sheep. He knows us if we follow His voice (Jn. 10:27). Every day God is waiting for us to hear Him speak and He will if we don’t harden our hearts and tune Him out with our rebellion (Heb. 3:15). When we receive a prophetic message if it is reliable we should pay attention to it like a light shining in the dark until it comes to light what is in our heart. No prophecy in scripture was interpreted by the prophet so prophecy must always come into agreement with scripture. Though through people God may speak what is spoken should always come from the Holy Spirit (2 Pt. 1:19-21). The Lord knocks at our door, if we hear His voice and are open to it He will have fellowship with us (Rev. 3:20). At MorningStar I learned that the Lord has a message to communicate to us and all we have to do is open ourselves to His voice and listen to what the Spirit is saying to us.

Hearing from God is the one thing every believer wishes to achieve in their Christian life but very few of us are willing to invest the time it takes to clearly hear from Him. We pray God show us this, why does that, ask Him questions, tell Him to help us or guide us but we will not listen long enough for Him to answer. What is far worse is thinking that the ways He speaks are silly and not being open to what seems to be hocus pocus. If we will purpose to listen to Him He will speak to us in ways and through experiences we never thought possible.

Lord I pray first that you would speak to as clearly as you can so that we will not miss what your Spirit is saying to us. Also I pray Lord that we would have the desire to invest the time it takes to clearly hear from you however you chose to speak. Open our heart to every possibility for hearing you and free our mind from being closed off to you doing impossible things in our lives. Help us now to pay attention and hear what you are saying to us. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. Luke 8:16

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