Tuesdays Torch week 453

19 Sep

Tuesday’s Torch


By: Tim Sader

Instead, I devoted myself to the work on this wall. All my men were assembled there for the work; we did not acquire any land. (Nehemiah 5:16)

After graduating from the SCVR Computer Training Center (CTC) I was ready to find a job and work hard at it. This was the example the leaders and teachers showed us as they lived out their own relationships with God. While going through the program I made many great friendships and Larry Law was most memorable because we had big dreams of having a successful business. After finishing school we wanted to use the skills we had learned to start an online empire that we could do from anywhere in the world. We had the desire to get ourselves involved in building what would have been the first social media network for local businesses. At this time in the early 2000’s being a webmaster was still big business. Those who were good made up to tens of thousands of dollars for a unique customized internet web site. I was pretty good at design using mainly HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Graphic design and making simple flash animations were also part of my CTC training. Larry and I decided to start a web design and hosting company that provided social media for small businesses to network with one another. was our internet home; upon going to our site users heard Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall and could add their piece to the Wall we were building. We were not looking to make thousands of dollars per site instead we offered simple templates so we could charge a fraction of that to design and host their site for a year. We were looking to be like a mini mall so small businesses could compete in the expanding online market we are now living in. For as little as forty dollars businesses could have a site built and maintained each month. We also offered advertising for as little as thirty dollars per one thousand clicks on any of our hosted sites. was into providing special pricing to charitable organizations to have our part in making a difference in the world. Larry and I devoted ourselves to building this Wall both through hours of tedious coding and everything two students could come up with financially from family and savings.

We gave this business everything we could manage but despite all of our hours brainstorming and the best laid plans we did not acquire any ground in the market. We had several close calls that would have eventually been worth thousands a month but at every breakthrough something new would hold us back. Larry suffered from many problems because of serious back pain and illnesses that would take him out of commission for weeks at a time so things were up and down. We were smart enough to not let circumstances keep us down we kept trying until we ran out of resources and the desire to continue. The best of our plans were shattered but for both of us this wasn’t the end. We are dreamers who desire to do great things and this keeps the darkness from overwhelming the light in our heart (Job 17:10-12). Last I heard from Larry he found legal natural remedies that significantly helped his troubles. He got a security job and married a friend from California he had known for many years. Despite the best of our humans plans God knows if they are futile (Ps. 94:11). This is why everything we do should be commited to the Lord so that our plans maybe established by Him (Pr. 16:3). I don’t believe our plans were uncommitted to Him but I don’t remember mutual prayers or a meeting where God was factored into the equation. In our hearts we may have great plans but the purpose of the Lord is what prevails at its end (Pr. 19:21). The Lord has a plan for each one of us and chances are the desire inside of us may be used by Him to accomplish it. The most import thing we can do is seek Him first because His plans are to prosper us and not to bring us harm. His plans will give us the future we are looking for (Jer. 29:11). It is dangerous to assume that if we start a business that after a certain time we will get rich from it (Jas. 4:13). No one knows what tomorrow may bring except for God; the only true plan that exists is the one He has for us.

When we make plans they are sometimes unsuccessful or the success fades as we are led in a new direction. In our mind we see this as a failure but what if our misdirection is training for what the Lord really wants to do in our lives. Most of the greatest human achievements come after many failures in life. Success to God is not about what we fail to do it is about what we learned and how it pointed us back to Him.

Lord, we ask that your plans would become our plans so that we can be on the same page of my life. Please help us not to look at our failures as a reason to remain defeated but that they would inspire us to give it all we can in the future. Help us to find that our hope and future are only found in your plan for our lives. Happiness is not lost when human plans fail it is lost when we will not do what we were created for. Lord help us not to forget you in everything that we do so that we may prosper in this life you have given to us. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. Luke 8:16

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