Tuesdays Torch week 445

25 Jul

Tuesday’s Torch


By: Tim Sader

They put a purple robe on him, then twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on him. (Mark 15:17)

During my time at Living Waters I was filled to overflowing and richly blessed by feeling the Spirit move like I never have before. For many of us music is the way we enter into the flow of the Spirit and at that time music moved me like nothing could. I never liked music because it was popular or my friends liked it. I enjoyed what was fresh and original, what truly had depth and meaning. After Roger punched Ricky and I told him a few choice words I found out he wasn’t so bad. We became brothers in the BH and I learned about how talented he was. First he was athletic into martial arts, wrestling and lifting weights but none of that really interested me. One day my friend Joseph was at his house so I reluctantly tagged along. While we were there I noticed a guitar propped up against the picnic table and I was curious. After a while another guy from our neighborhood Jeffrey showed up with his new twelve string guitar. Soon they were jamming together playing Bush, Creed, Nirvana, Smoke on the Water, Jimi Hendrix and Garth Brooks. If that wasn’t enough Roger started playing some original songs he had been working on. His first songs were good clean comedy songs about things that teenage boys find funny. They were hilarious but the music was also well written and to my surprise everything he knew was self-taught. I had the dream of being in the music business after high school so I decided to be his manager. I paid for his first semiprofessional recording on cassette. It was called Porch Sitter and we recorded it just like he was playing guitar and singing on the front porch. One take for each song and very little mixing for quality. The solo career wasn’t taking off so we decided to find a few more musicians and start a band.

We searched awhile, many friends tried to join but it didn’t work. Finally one evening most of the BH was at Roger’s house hanging out in the shed and roger was playing electric guitar. Sean brought his bass but picked up a wash bucket to make a beat instead and Jamie fooled around on bass after Roger showed him some simple cords. It sounded ok for amateur musicians so we came up with a plan to get real equipment and ThornHead was born. Our first gig was playing at Jamie’s youth group without drums and we were a hit. They asked us to be the youth worship team and we accepted on the condition that we could practice at the church. Our friend Chris drew our trademark; it was a big smiley face wearing a crown of thorns. Soon we got up the money to record a four song demo hoping to make some money and gain popularity. I remember two songs from the demo. One was For The Faith which was about us conducting our lives worthy of the sacrifice Christ paid for us on the cross (Phi. 1:27). The song that became our biggest hit was Sorry Darwin. Some of the lyrics are Sorry Darwin I’m not a monkey, I’m a child of a King, Some of us look and act like monkeys, But I’m a child of God. Our message in this was to honor God and not science for His creation (1 Tim. 6:15-16). Another song not on the CD was My Telescope, about people who claim to follow Christ but only do it from a distance like most of Christ’s disciples did when He was going to the cross (Lk. 23:49). Even Peter after all He experienced only followed from a distance (Mt. 26:58). Sometimes we took secular songs we liked and added our own words. The best one was Smells Like Holy Spirit after Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. Those who have His Spirit in us are the pleasing aroma of Christ to God among those who are saved and unsaved (2 Cor. 2:14-15). They had about twenty songs each with deep meanings rooted in biblical truth. ThornHead played a couple dozen shows; there were thirty people at our first show but more than four thousand at one of our last. Those days were some of my best times with friends and without being in the music business I lived my dream.

What is the playlist of our lives? Music is a great way for us to open our spirits to the Spirit of God. The music that moves our soul is music that touches the heart of God. That feeling we get when a song fills us with emotion and gives us goose bumps is us feeling a small piece of heaven. The music of our youth may not be gospel songs but if it leaves us better after hearing it quite possibly we somehow found the essence of God in it.

Lord fill our hearts with the soundtrack of You that will move us to wanting to be in Your holy precense. Give us the aroma of Christ so that the world will notice God and reach out to Him. If we follow You help us to be vulnerable enough so that we will live our lives in close intimacy with You. I know that I have been wonderfully created by You so help me to do it all for the faith that I have placed in knowing You. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. Luke 8:16

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