Tuesdays Torch week 430

11 Apr

Tuesday’s Torch


By: Tim Sader

The heavens proclaim his righteousness; every nation sees his glory. (Psalm 97:6)

There were times in the midst of middle school hell that were a much needed boost to my confidence. In the summer after seventh grade I was entered into an art contest without my knowledge. One of the art teachers in grade school liked my work so he put my name in to be selected out of several kids in Minnesota. I won so my family was selected as representatives from Northwest Airlines main hub to have one of my original drawings that would be enlarged and painted on the exterior of a plane. It was called the World Plane because along with my drawing would be drawings from children all over the world on the plane. Finding out about this project was a big deal to me; I had to go buy supplies at a fancy art store. I loved to draw and was great at it but I had no idea what to draw for something that felt so important. First I drew an outline of the state of Minnesota with a collage of drawings of all things Minnesota. This drawing was turned down because it was too detailed for them to enlarge and put on the plane. The second drawing I decided to do just one thing that represented my state so I drew a loon, the Minnesota state bird. I’m sure I practiced on smaller paper before doing the larger one and I started it over a few times. It took me several days to finish my drawing and color it in just the way I wanted it to be. Awhile after turning the art work in Northwest Airlines planned a retreat for the kids and two family members; they were flown to Minnesota to celebrate the launch of the plane that would be built. We were lavished at a luxurious sports club in Minneapolis and taken to everywhere fun and educational in the area. We ate at the Hard Rock Café, went to the zoo, science museum and Mall of America where we had the indoor amusement park rented for our group only. On the final day we had a semi-formal ceremony on the roof at the Walker Art Center where we were shown a scale model of our plane. Northwest Airlines went bankrupt later that year so our plane never flew but when they were bought out a similar World Plane was done a few years later.

At the end of this experience when I heard another plane was built I felt robbed for a moment but the memories I made were worth it. I never in my life have experienced the cultures of the world like I did on this retreat. I remember listening to a Russian girl play Beethoven on the grand piano just to show she could. A French girl innocently went topless to the pool because it wasn’t looked down on in her part of the world. We made connections with several families that felt lifelong though after a few years we fell out of touch with them. For a few brief moments I caught a glimpse of what heaven might be like when all the nations see His glory. Children of the world were welcomed so generously by this airline company. If we accept children in His name we accept Christ and through Him we accept the Lord (Mk. 9:37). It is true that God shows no favoritism but accepts every nation of those who fear Him and do what’s right (Acts 10:34-35). His children are not just little kids either I want that to be understood. He loves everyone in the world and especially those who love Him back. Christ paid the ultimate price so that persons from every tribe and language and people and nation could stand one day in heaven with Him. We have been made a kingdom and priests to serve God and we will reign with Him on the earth (Rev. 5:9-10). I felt what this could be like in this art project. Being with others from across the globe and being made important for a time gave me the feeling that I can accomplish anything.

We are important to God and He loves each of us in our own special way. When we come to Him we all come as children because our intelligence cannot stack up to what He knows and He knows what is best. It makes no difference to Him our color, sex, language or nation because He made us all to be unique so we would be special to Him. It brakes His heart when we will not see His glory in the midst of our differences. He don’t make anyone more worthy the only difference is whether we will love Him back and be His representative to the whole earth.

Lord help us to see us the way that you see us. We thank you for accepting us the way that we need to be accepting of all of your children both old and young. Help us to stop making judgments about others because of the way that you made us different. Help us also not to despise our unique qualities but to use them to your advantage God in reaching out to others who are not like anyone else. In Jesus name, Amen.

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No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. Luke 8:16

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