Throwback Thursday week 30

28 Jan

Throwback Thursday

Week 30

By: Tim Sader

Isaiah 38:14 

I cried like a swift or thrush, I moaned like a mourning dove.  My eyes grew weak as I looked to the heavens.  I am troubled; O Lord, come to my aid!”

When Christ rose from the dead he ascended to the Father to prepare a place for us in eternity.  He is in heaven right now standing on Gods right hand waiting on that day we will all be with Him.  This weekend in my spirit the Lord has been telling me to, “Look up” by doing so we are focusing on the one who can change things and make our life better.  The Lord seemed to be speaking nonsense to Abraham, he was old and his wife was way to old to have children but by looking up and counting the stars his focus was not on the circumstance but on the words of God (Genesis 15:4-5).  All the objects in the sky are created by the Lord so when we see these things we are not to be in awe of them but should remember the Lord who has delivered us in Christ and gave us His inheritance (Deuteronomy 4:19-20).  Moses recognized the Lord as being above them, knowing all things and remembering His promises.  As Israel looks up and trusts in Him they want the Lord to look down on them and give them the land He promised to their fathers (Deuteronomy 26:15).  By doing this they are looking to God and establishing a type of communication with Him, asking Him to do as he promised them and of course the Lord kept His promise.  When David looked up he saw an angel, which was giving him a sign of the danger Jerusalem was in because of David’s sins.  He immediately clothed himself in sackcloth and fell on his face pleading his case before the Lord to spare the lives in Jerusalem because it was not their fault he was to blame (1 Chronicles 21:16).  He looked up saw the sign from God, repented and the Lord did not destroy the people because of David humbling him self before Him and asking for mercy.

When we look to God it my take all that we have but we must look up to him when we are in trouble because he will come to our aid.  Everything we can see and touch in the natural is only temporary it will all fade away, wear out or die.  When we look past these things and look to the Lord we see salvation and righteous that lasts forever (Isaiah 51:6).  Looking up toward the Lord we should be examining our hearts and asking questions about what makes us wrong or right.  We should be looking to Him for guidance where we need it and how to improve the areas we already think we are strong in (Job 35:5-7).  Look up and just talk to the Lord He is always listening.  Jesus often showed us exactly how we are supposed to trust in God and communicate with Him.  When he prayed over the food and feed the 5,000 he looked up to heaven and asked God to provide more then enough food for these people.  He knew the Lord would provide enough for everyone and the Lord did exactly that (Matthew 14:19).  Jesus looked up to heaven and with a deep sigh said to him, “Ephphatha!” which means, “Be opened!” At this, the man’s ears were opened, his tongue was loosened and he began to speak plainly (Mark 7:34-35).”  Again Jesus looked to heaven for the answer because the condition this man was in troubled Him and He knew God had the answer.  Christ told the man’s ears and mouth to be opened and immediately they were and He began to speak plainly.  When we look to God He has the answer and will either grant our request or guide us in how to accomplish His perfect will in whatever trial we are facing.

The Lord looks down at each and every one of us.  He sees all and knows all we do because He created us and formed our hearts.  He considers everything we do as He watches over us (Psalm 33:13-15).  When He looks down at us He wants to know those who seek Him (Psalm 14:2).  When we place our trust in Him look back at him he will see that we seek him.  As the Lord looks down at us He hears the groans of all who are still in bondage to sin.  He hears the cries of the lost, sick and hurting.  It is He who wants to set them free from the curse of death (Psalm 102:19-20).  All they must do is look up and see Christ who gave himself as sin so we could be set free.  When Stephen looked up he saw Gods glory and Jesus standing in his place beside God (Acts 7:55-56).  This vision actually got him a beating people thought he was crazy and it sounds crazy but when we focus on Jesus and look to Him, He is who we see.  After seeing Jesus taken into heaven people were totally amazed they just stood there looking into the sky almost not believing what they saw.  They were looking up as a spectator not knowing of the Jesus that will be returning one day in the resurrection (Acts 1:11).  When we look up to heaven and trust in Christ we must remember He is returning and He will set us free from all our troubles if we will ask and believe He will do it for us.  Look Up and see the glory of the Lord at work inside of each of us!

I pray that this message will sink into your hearts and minds this week and if anyone is not a believer my prayer is they will meet the Lord.  If it’s on your heart to make Jesus Christ your Savior send me a message to and I will help you do that.

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