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Throwback Thursday 27

Throwback Thursday

Week 27

By: Tim Sader

Proverbs 3:13 

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding,

Many throwback torches in the past have in some way had something to do with receiving a blessing.  When we decide to follow the Lord and walk in his ways we are standing in line for many blessings.  In today’s scripture we see that the Lord blesses the man of wisdom and understanding.  Their blessings are more then likely due to the wisdom they have gained by trusting in the Lord and doing the right thing.  Wisdom will ultimately bring blessings to all who decide to take part in her instructions (Proverbs 3:18).  She is a tree of life because the right wisdom will make you a survivor and you will have the knowledge to make it through the hard times.  By learning to hold the Lord in the highest regard possible we are gaining in wisdom and are blessed because of it.  When we are in the presence of the Lord and His light is shining on us we are putting ourselves in a position to receive great blessings from Him (Psalm 89:15).  Laban kissed his grandchildren and his daughters and then blessed them (Genesis 31:55).  They were simply blessed by seeing their grandfather and getting the opportunity to see his love for them.  After David returned from setting up a group of musicians to play a psalm of thanks before the ark of the Lord he returned home to bless his family (1 Chronicles 16:43).  He blessed them by checking in so they knew he was ok and by sharing stories with them about his travels.  Joshua blessed Caleb by giving him Hebron as his inheritance (Joshua 14:13).  Giving someone something is a common way people can bless someone else.  Just like Caleb the Lord wants us to be blessed and inherit the land (Psalm 37:22).  But by not doing the right thing our blessings could be cut off.

There are many reasons why the Lord blesses us when we walk in various spiritual truths.  When we enter into his presence and dwell in the house of the Lord by praising Him we will be blessed (Psalm 84:4).  Praising God leads to blessings.  Read the Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-11) they are a list reasons we can be blessed and the blessing we receive for doing so.  Each blessing has a specific reward.  The poor in spirit gain the kingdom of heaven, those who mourn receive comfort, those hungry for righteousness are filled, the merciful receive mercy, the pure in heart see God, the peace makers will be called sons of God and those persecuted gain the kingdom of heaven.  If we strive to do or be these things God will bless us with the promise that follows.  We could do a study on each verse and many torches have been written about various spiritual truths found in these scriptures.  Not everyone wants to see, hear or know anything about the gospel and at a time in the world where religious freedom is under attack we must be ready to hear the insults and accusations.  But in the face of it remember that we are blessed (Matthew 5:11).  Not only are we blessed when persecuted for righteousness but we are told to take it a step further.  We are not to turn around and start talking bad of our accuser and curse them.  No, we are to turn around and speak blessings over them so they maybe delivered from their wicked ways (Romans 12:14).  When someone curses us we are to do the opposite and bless them (Luke 6:28).  We are also told to pray for those who mistreat us in anyway because prayer is telling God; they did us wrong but we trust that it will be justly dealt with.  When we stand against opposition in the proper way and do not retaliate evil for evil we have persevered under trial and have passed the test (James 1:12).  By walking in the love of Christ we are blessed with the crown of life; eternal life is the best gift of all.

Even walking in the love of Christ may bring its share of grief but you are blessed with the Spirit of Gods glory when insulted for Him (1 Peter 4:14).  When this happens we need to stand in that glory with boldness knowing our God will bless us when we proclaim His truth.  If we do this in faith the Lord will bless us like he blessed Abraham who not only had great faith but was blessed beyond measure (Galatians 3:9).  He was promised nations and that his descendants would be numbered like the sand on the shore and through his son who was conceived after his wife was too old to have children.  Jesus tells us to have faith in Him who we have not seen like the disciples who walked with Tim.  They believed because they seen Him and know the truth but it says we are blessed because of our faith in what is not seen (John 20:29).  By setting an example of working hard to help the weak Paul remembers the words of Christ.  These words are that we are more blessed by giving then when we receive (Acts 20:35).  By blessing others we receive the greater blessing in seeing their blessing produce fruit in their lives.  When we are generous to those in need then we will be blessed in return (Proverbs 22:9).  Even just the feeling of doing a good thing can be a blessing knowing we changed some ones life for the better  Those in need of a blessing are the hurting or in a desperate situation (Luke 14:13-14).  We can find the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind and those who are hurting or lost today.  If we will be the one to bless them we will gain our reward on the day of resurrection if not sooner.

Those who have less then us are the ones we can help.  Whatever we have God gave it to us so we should be wiling to help others since He helped us.  People with less are truly blessed by those in a better position than them (Hebrews 7:7). It makes sense to bless those with less and in doing so we are honoring the command to love and will see a harvest because of being a blessing.  When God raised Christ He blessed us all by giving us the choice to serve Him and return from our wicked ways (Acts 3:26).  Christ was a servant to us by laying down His life.  By washing the feet of His disciples He became their servant and blessed them as a servant would take care of their master (John 13:16-17).  He wanted them to understand that they are to be servants of God above all else and by serving others they will bless them with love and the truth of Christ.  When we learn to do all these things we will have an abundance of blessings in our lives too great for us to comprehend.  Be a servant and be blessed today!

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