Tuesdays Torch week 346

25 Aug

Tuesday’s Torch


By: Tim Sader 

Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people. (Philemon 1:7) 

Last week we learned that it is important for us to make positive changes in our lives that bring us closer to the Lord. His wisdom brings us to a better place of goodwill in our lives. In life when we are down, sick, after we do difficult things or begin to feel burned out we need something to help us get back in the swing of things. We need to be restored to our former state so we can continue the journey we are on in life. Refreshing comes in many ways; it can be as simple as an ice cold glass of lemonade after working in the sun or that dream vacation to somewhere exotic after 10 years at the same boring job. Some people enjoy comfort food, meditation, exercising, a good book, tv programs and movies or just taking a thirty minute nap. Being refreshed is no new concept; it is part of the creation story. In six days God created the heavens and earth but on the seventh day He rested. God did not need to rest but He knew we would need relief from our toil so we have the Sabbath day for a needed break from all our striving. All the ways above may bring temporary relief but we can only truly be refreshed by seeking the Lord and helping one another when we get beat down. There is great joy to be had when we are refreshed by the Lord and when we refresh the hearts of other people.

The law of the Lord is perfect; it refreshes the soul. He can be trusted one hundred percent of the time; it makes wise the simple (Psalm 19:7). When our soul needs refreshing if we will seek to learn His word the refreshing we need will come. The Lord sustains His faithful ones on their sickbed and from their illnesses (Psalm 41:3). There are many benefits from knowing the promises of God. He refreshes the weary and satisfies the faint (Jeremiah 31:25). When we hit rock bottom it is not hopeless. As a matter of fact it is the place for us to press into the Lord and let Him do His refreshing in our lives. Everything we learn from the Lord about His ways are meant to be the message we carry with us to share with others both in word and action. A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed (Proverbs 11:25). When we love others it not only brings joy to our spiritual mentors but to the face of God. Refreshing them brings refreshing to us like we could never experience by being selfish. When someone is caught in a sin we don’t turn and walk away from them. It is the job of those who live by Spirit of God to restore them gently and watch ourselves so we won’t be tempted to sin also (Galatians 6:1). This is no easy place for maturing believers to put ourselves in and when we start thinking we are without sin we are lying to ourselves. We are not above the one caught in sin and it should be our desire to lift them up and not leave them behind. God forbid making their sin ok by us entering into it with them or in secret to know what they are into. We should have no casualties in the body of believers. Like the Marines believe, no man left behind, this should be our motto when a child of God stumbles and falls. Sometimes we suffer for the faith but only for a little while and the Lord will restore us; making us strong, firm and steadfast (1 Peter 5:10). We must be reminded of these things even if we know it and are firmly established in the truth we have received. It is good for us to refresh our memory in all truth as long as we live in this body (2 Peter 1:12-13). We will be refreshed when we learn the word of God and seek His truth; also refreshing others will restore our soul.

Tuesdays Torch has an official website Daily Sparks and Scripture Pictures are further spreading the message of Christ. We have accepted the opportunity for Tuesday’s Torch to be in Redeemed the Magazine for prisoners. The founder and author of Tuesdays Torch Tim Sader, has spoken in church and has several will be looking for future speaking engagements soon. We pray the words of every Torch will sink into the hearts and minds of readers. Please share Tuesdays Torch and encourage others with it. Recently we partnered with please check it out and send them some love. Any ministries or blogs that would like to partner with Tuesdays Torch please let us know. We pray the Lord will touch every reader. All of what Christ did was so we would believe. He told us not to believe because of what He said but in what He did (John 14:11). Every Tuesday we talk a little more about what He did and what He is still doing. The best thing God ever done was send His Son so we could be saved (John 3:16). If anyone is not a believer we pray they will meet the Lord. If anyone wants to make Jesus their Savior; send a message to: and we will pray together. Look out for next Tuesdays Torch on our website, by email, on Facebook as Tuesdays Torch or Twitter @tuesdaystorch Thanks and God Bless!

No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. Luke 8:16

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