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Throwback Thursday week 25

Throwback Thursday

Week 25

By: Tim Sader

Isaiah 30:18

But God’s not finished. He’s waiting around to be ghey babyracious to you. He’s gathering strength to show mercy to you. God takes the time to do everything right—everything. Those who wait around for him are the lucky ones.

Last week we discussed a word the Lord gave me concerning angels and learned about these heavenly hosts. The word the Lord gave me was, “sometimes people can be angels.” We went to the word and learned there really are angels who minister to those who will inherit salvation. They are divine heavenly hosts sent to guard us, protect us, do Gods bidding, fulfill the word of God and His will in our lives. Sometimes they appear in glory and splendor but more often they appear as men and may come to us as strangers to test our faith, deliver a message or possibly help us in some way. Whether a stranger is an angel or not we should show others the love Christ both taught and lived by. We found out people cannot be angels but we can perform duties usually done by angels when the Lord gives us a special word for someone to help. Sometimes the stranger or friend who just happens to be there in that time of need may seem to be our guardian angel because of how they helped us. When I was in the hospital my girlfriend at the time was like an angel to me, she kept the word of God in my heart and mind while I was down. We are the light of the world and may appear angelic when doing the Lords work so if we love others in the right way people will see the Lord in us and His work will be done through us.

Today I want to talk about luck, what it is, who has it and why we are lucky to serve the God we put our hope and trust in. Once in just a couple months my friend, Erin found twenty four-leaf clovers in my small front yard. I don’t place a whole lot of trust in clovers but four-leaf clovers are a symbol of luck and have become a special token representing luck. Now what is amazing is she never really searches for them, they just catch her eye and sure enough it’s a four-leaf clover. After finding more clovers in two months then in her entire life God was saying something about luck to her. One weekend she found seven four-leaf clovers and seven is not only a lucky number but is also the number of God. This sparked my curiosity and made me want to know what God says about luck in the word if it even says anything about it at all. The word luck cannot be found in many translations of the bible but the word fortune not only refers to wealth but can also mean luck. In Genesis 30:11 Leah is saying, “what good luck” because her servants first baby from Jacob was a boy so the name Gad must have something to do with good luck. Job did not put his trust in the wealth he gained from working with his own two hands or hold the sun and moon in regard as gods. He was not unfaithful because he didn’t do those things so his fortune was not based on what he had it was based on what the Lord blessed him with (Job 31:24-28). He had good fortune because the Lord gave it to him.

After Israel turned away and then later returning to the Lord He promises to restore their fortune by having compassion and bringing them back together (Deuteronomy 30:3). This fortune is more like luck because their fortune is compassion and being reunited. When He restores their fortune He appoints a harvest not just any harvest but one appointed from the Lord (Hosea 6:11). A good harvest is good fortune for the people making them feel lucky because of Gods goodness. The Negev is a barren dessert south of Israel and in this place are dried streambeds. These streams are dry except when it rains then these streams fill up rapidly and become more like a fast flowing river. This is how God wants to restore us by raining down his goodness to restore our good fortune (Psalm 126:4). The Lord will restore and have compassion on the dwellings of the house of Jacob by allowing the city to be rebuilt on its ruins and its palace to stand where it once did (Jeremiah 30:18). This good fortune to have their city returned to it’s splendor is a gift from God for returning to him. Before being restored the towns in Judah and the streets were a desolate wasteland uninhabited by man or beast. When it is restored though there will be much rejoicing because of being so fortunate to have the land back like it was before it was lost (Jeremiah 33:10-11).

Ashkelon was an enemy of Judah dwelling in the Land but he is restoring them and delivering them from their enemy. He will make it so by evening they will be using the pastures of the enemy for their flocks and taking up residence in the houses of Ashkelon (Zephaniah 2:7). What good fortune to be delivered from your enemy and take over their land. After restoring his people he wants to gather them together so they can praise him for returning to them all that was lost and so all the people of the earth can show them honor (Zephaniah 3:20). Only God could make a nation as fortunate as He did for His chosen people. Israel was and is a truly blessed nation; the hand of God watches over this nation and protects it. No enemy stands a chance against those who the Lord defends (Deuteronomy 33:29). If we believe in Christ we have this kind of blessing and protection because we to are a people saved by God. So we are Lucky too! Sometimes a nation is only as lucky as its leaders. Young leaders lack experience and still have plenty mistakes to make where older leaders are wiser and have already made the silly mistakes (Ecclesiastes 10:16-17). Sounds like wisdom may have a little something to do with luck since the wise leader is the Lucky one.

The wicked has chosen to live under the curse but the righteous God blesses. Those who arrogantly question Him get ignored but when the luck of the righteous is down he will help them and build them back up (Proverbs 3:33-35). By choosing to be wise and not stupid we receive the better reward and can consider ourselves lucky to belong to the Lord. When we hit rock bottom and see no easy solution we can know God is there to pick us up and dust us off (Psalm 145:14). When we are down on our luck we must remember Jesus gave us all a fresh start all we must do is ask him to be Lord of our life.

Today’s scripture tells us that God is not finished. He always wants to give us more grace, more mercy and more blessings. He wants to see that everything He does for us is done right because He don’t miss a single detail, not even a hair on our head is where he didn’t want it. The only true way to have luck is by placing our trust in the Lord and waiting on Him to fulfill every promise He has given us. Four-leaf clovers are fun and do say something about luck considering they are only 1 in every 10,000 and are not easy to find. They are a symbol of luck but ultimately the Lord makes us lucky and He gave us a simple reminder in His creation. Christ gave us each a fresh start he wiped our slates clean and for that we are all lucky. When we hold nothing back from the Lord and give him our life he will clean it up and hold nothing against us (Psalm 32:1-2). If we draw near to the Lord and He’ll draw near to us. We should feel lucky to have the Lord.

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