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Throwback Thursday week 24

Throwback Thursday

Week 24

By: Tim Sader

Hebrews 13:2

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.

Each study has been divine and the Lord has guided my hands while writing but sometimes he gives me a special word for those reading each week. One Friday my brother and I were having a good conversation about the Lord and other important issues in our lives. A new friend of his who’s uncertain about her beliefs has truly been touched spiritually and we feel a new, more real connection between her and the Lord is on the way. During a conversation they had she said she feels my brother is like her guardian angel because of how she feels safe and confident in their friendship. After a long conversation in our front yard I decided to go in the house to check something out on the computer. As I approached the top of the ramp I felt an almost over whelming presence of the Lord, might have laid me out on the porch if I wasn’t sitting. As I felt this power I heard the Lord say, “Sometimes people can be angels.” My brother was on the porch to and felt the power as well so I told him what the Lord told me. It was a very intense moment and we knew the Lord had shown us something special. Now I realize there are truly angels in heavenly places helping Christians fulfill their purpose and doing the good work of the Lord in all his creation. They follow the voice of God and the word of God when we speak it. Angels are ministering spirits and are all sent to serve believers by doing the work of the Lord to bring about His will (Hebrews 1:14). The same legions of angels at Jesus disposal are at the disposal of every Christian because He lives inside of us and everything that belongs to Him belongs to us in Christ. To have access to these heavenly hosts all we have to do is be saved or simply acknowledge our savior before men. If we do the opposite and disown Him then we are giving up on an invisible army ready and willing to help if we only believe in Christ (Luke 12:8-9).

Angels can serve us in many ways and are referred to throughout the entire bible. One way angels serve us is by protecting us from harm and keeping us safe in dangerous situations (Psalm 91:11-12). I’ve heard numerous stories of Christians avoiding terrible accidents because something made them stop, break down or wait at the stop light. This is the work of angels they will protect us. Little ones maybe children or sometimes new believers are little ones. No matter which you believe guardian angels are sent specifically to guard a single person. A lot of people believe we all have an angel watching over us (Matthew 18:10). Angels also praise the Lord, do his bidding, obey his word and do his will (Psalm 103:20-21). Angels do what the Lord wants them to do, they respond to His word and do His bidding concerning us. They are servants of the Lord do His will in all things and all this is done to give God all the praise and glory. In today’s scripture it says, “some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” This means they come in a human form so we will not recognize the fact they are an angel. This maybe a way for the Lord to test our Christianity, see if we care for others or can accept a message from the Lord. When the man of God came to the woman she said he looked like an angel, he gave her no info just delivered the good news and left (Judges 13:6). He ministered to her and was gone she very possibly entertained an angel and received the message of her son Samson. Angels come in angelic form as well. When angels appear in all their glory it is awe inspiring and terrifying (Luke 2:8-9). We know they are from the Lord and that something is important enough for God to send us a message through divine means.

Abraham was close to God and recognized these three men as angels he showed them great hospitality and shared the best he had with them (Genesis 18:2). He entertained these strangers knowing they were angels; so us not knowing a stranger is an angel or not we should always treat people with the love of Christ. These messengers delivered Abraham a message of destiny that the promises given by God would be fulfilled in his son Isaac (Genesis 18:10). After delivering the message these men were headed to there next destination (Genesis 18:16). Abraham helped these men in every possible way he even walked with them knowing the Lords plan for the destruction of the cities. These angels appeared as men, not hiding from Abraham but to those who don’t know these are angels they were only men. Two of the three angels made it to Sodom and found Lot who is Abraham’s relative. He was a Godly man and also recognized these men as angels and showed respect by bowing down to them (Genesis 19:1). They came to warn Lot and his family to Leave the city because God was bout to destroy it due to there wickedness. The people of Sodom learned these men where visiting Lot and formed a mob outside his house. Obviously they could not recognize these men as angels because their evil intent and lustful desires had them completely corrupted (Genesis 19:5). This maybe was a final test for Sodom maybe if they recognized the men of God and showed them respect like Lot maybe they would not have been destroyed. They did not turn to the Lord but tried to corrupt these most holy messengers and received harsh judgment because of it.

The man Jacob wrestled seems to be no ordinary man and he wasn’t. This man was divine he came to Jacob to get his attention and Jacob gave him a good fight until daybreak. Finally the man uses his power to mess up Jacob’s hip but he still wrestled the man (Genesis 32:24-25). I read this in another transition and it says Jacob wrestled with God, either angel or God he came in human form and met a match in Jacob. Men are not and will never be angels! If Christ was made lower then angels to come to earth and be born as a man we to must be a little lower then angels meaning we are not quite angels (Hebrews 2:7). What God is telling me is men can serve other people and even perform duties usually done by angels. They are ministering spirits to those who are saved. When the Lord gives us a special word for someone to help them reach their destiny or find the will of God we are doing something angels do. Many times we hear people referring to a kind stranger in their time of need as their guardian angel and it is possible that God is using that person for that purpose. Christians are to be the light of the world and when we love a stranger to that person we maybe an angel or a messenger from heaven. Angels are sent to those who will inherit salvation but we are called to help unbelievers receive salvation. Many times we must let our spirits minister and experience Gods will in their lives. If we are ever compared to an angel we should be grateful they can see the spirit of God inside of us. We are being a shining example of the love Christ shared with us. As believers we are destine to become like the angels, living with God forever and praising Him because He is a great and we love what He has done. Go out and share the gospel be angels, always loving God and others the way Christ loved us by dieing so we could be saved!


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