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Throwback Thursday week 1

Throwback Thursday

Week 1

By: Tim Sader

Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

When reading this verse I find it quite ironic the Lords choice of words. This verse says “the wages” of sin is death. The word death seems kind of final so perhaps it could say the price of sin is death or maybe the cost of sin is death. Instead the Lord uses the term wages because death is not necessarily bought with a price but more so earned over time from our sin. Over the years this verse has probably been taught a million different times. A few months back while spending time with the Lord he showed me something about this verse. Now it’s been taught over and over that if we commit a sin we are risking physical death and yes that is a very real scenario. For example if we smoke cigarettes, do drugs, drink alcohol or have multiple sex partners which can cause harm to our physical body in various ways we could physically die.

In the Garden of Eden before man had ever experienced death it was still possible depending on our choices. Many of us know the story in Genesis 3 where the serpent tempts Eve to eat of the one tree in the garden God commanded them not to eat of or they will surely die. The serpent tells Eve surely she will not die but become all knowing just like God. Of course Eve takes that first bite later convincing her husband Adam to eat also since she had not died. Eventually Adam and Eve both died physically and caused mankind to suffer with death even till this day. But just like any kind of deception the serpent did tell a partial truth since they still had life in them. Adam and Eve did not just drop dead the second they ate the fruit in all honesty they lived a very long time. Almost a thousand years they flourished and fulfilled the command to be fruitful and multiply. However death was now all around them whether they knew it or not and soon their son Able would become the first recorded person to be murdered at the hand of his brother Cain.

In my time with the Lord he showed me some of the ways death operates. The ways death operates are the following:

  1. It Deceives – Still in Genesis 3 we see that the serpent deceived Eve into eating off The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Eve knew Gods command and knew there were ill consequences for eating of that tree. She might have only had limited understanding of what death really was however she knew it was something she didn’t want to happen. The snake knowing her partial knowledge of death and knowing death would not just drop her right there took it upon himself to tell the most devious lie of all time. He told her, “Surely you will not die but will be more like God.” Eve I’m sure was glad to see she truly had not died so she using deception on her husband convinced him to eat of The Tree with her. Deception opened wide the doors of death forever haunting mankind even today as this is being written.
  2. It Acknowledges Good and Evil – After being deceived Adam and Eve now had the knowledge of good and evil and were for a moment more like God. They were missing one thing though and that is God’s wisdom to use this knowledge the same way only God can. Man cannot handle the knowledge of good and evil because he cannot fathom Gods goodness nor can we alone control the evil in our hearts. Mankind is caught in a tug-of-war between good and evil. If we are doing good the deception we’re exposed to will lie to us and tell us it’s not good enough. When we are doing evil our spirit or conscious tells us it’s wrong so we cannot control the full knowledge of good and evil in our flesh.
  3. It Condemns – When Adam and Eve ate from The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve knew they had done wrong in the sight of the Lord so they hid from him (Genesis 3:8). They now knew good and evil and felt condemned by what they had done. They did what the Lord told them not to do and knowing this to be evil they hid from God. Knowing their disobedience would be punished by death. They were ashamed and felt condemned by their blatant disobedience.

We will continue this topic next week on Throwback Thursday. Enjoy your weekend we hope to see everyone on Tuesday.

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