Tuesdays Torch week 241

13 Aug

Tuesday’s Torch
By: Tim Sader

Psalm 63:7

Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings.

Children with needs may need special attention but they cannot be left out or we are forsaking the least in our churches. The Beabled and those involved in our lives form a group that should meet regularly. It would connect us with like minds who know what it’s like and as we become humble our focus is off of us and on helping others manage their situation. When we meet it builds up our faith and knowledge of God. Because of suffering we know about the consequences of sin in the world. This can be a reminder to us of why we should not sin but do the will of God instead. His will is unity so we should love, encourage others and share everything we can to bless others when we gather together. We should not hesitate to speak up and encourage one another one on one or in a group of those we connect with. Connecting together means the Beabled have a team that is there to pray, listen and offer advice in difficult circumstances. Separation into smaller groups is fine to make connections among the body of believers. This group is an outreach to the disabled community by showing they can be an important part of the church not hiding in the back row. It is an opportunity also to those in the church to be involved in building the somewhat weaker ones. Jesus came to those who most needed Him in the church we can do the same by helping the needy. Some parts have one piece they are made of while others have many intricate pieces. A wing cannot be a wing without bone, skin and feathers; together they are part of the body. Beabled ministry is like a wing they form a necessary part of the body. If we build them in the church we will sour to a new level.

Everything we have discussed in the past four months is a part of growing the Beabled wing of the church. The church I am part of is represented by an eagle and eagles need their wings to soar to the highest heights. In 2009 my church received a word to stand on Psalms 91 and many of us would do good taking a stand on it still. Not only do we need wings to soar we need to find refuge under the wings of God. His feathers can be a shield to cover us and keep us safe when we seek Him (Psalm 91:4). His feathers are a shield but there comes a time when we to must soar on wings like eagle. This doesn’t mean we come out from under his protection but we grow our wings to reach the heights He has called us to. If we keep our hope in Him our wings will grow and we will find that place of healing like He promised we would (Isaiah 40:31). The closer we get to heaven the smaller everything on earth seems to be. Whatever the Beabled are facing from where God sits it is invisible and it’s not a problem for Him to make us well. While we wait in the wings for our wings we must develop the gifts he has given us. They prepare us to be part of the wing that is attached to the church and it prepares us to reach the places He wants us to reach. As it’s been said over and over this Beabled ministry wing has the potential to build the entire church body. Again those who are weakest have great value. We cannot say we don’t need these parts because without them we are not complete. These parts taking refuge in the shadow of His wings may need special attention but the Beabled are of great value to the rest of the parts so they won’t think as highly of their position (1 Corinthians 12:21-26). Beabled ministry is where the disabled find refuge so they can grow their wings to bring the church to a whole new level.

We will be expanding the reach of Tuesdays Torch to shine our light so others can see it and be saved. We pray the words of this Tuesdays Torch and every Torch will sink into the hearts and minds of readers. Please feel free to forward The Torch to others so we can encourage them with its message. If there are any churches or ministries that could benefit from the sharing Tuesdays Torch please let us know so together we can spread the light into dark places. We pray the Lord will continue touching every reader. All of what Christ did He did so we would believe. He told us not to believe because of what He said but in what He did (John 14:11). Every Tuesdays Torch we talk a little more about what He did and talk about what He is still doing. The best thing God has ever done was sending us His Son so we could be saved (John 3:16). If anyone is not a believer our prayer is that they will meet the Lord. If anyone wants to make Jesus Christ their Savior send a message to: and we will help it happen. Look out for next Tuesdays Torch by email or find it on Facebook by searching Tuesdays Torch. Thanks and God Bless!

No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. Luke 8:16

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