Tuesdays Torch week 212

22 Jan

Tuesday’s Torch


By: Tim Sader

 Matthew 9:12

 On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”

In 2007 after leaving the hospital I totally turned my life over to the Lord. I wanted to feel His anointing in my life. After getting into the word and finding a church that seemed right I finally found the taste I was looking for. However a taste was not enough so some friends and I took a faith journey to the Lakeland Revival in 2008. We wanted to be saturated in the heavy weighty glory of God because the anointing makes all the difference. If we know Jesus the anointing goes with us because we know His word is truth. Truth is how we know the anointing is real because if it is contrary to the word of God it is another anointing not of God. Part of healing is receiving the prayers and anointing from the elders of the church to heal and save the sick. The anointing at Lakeland was unforgettable it was such an outpouring of Gods great love for us. The prayer the last night we were there was for revival to spread into our cities and for us to receive revelation of how God wants to use us to do it. After coming home I was seeking the Lord for my part in this revival. I started dreaming again and once again I had a dream that had to do with health care. This dream I had was me at a clinic I go to on a regular basis for Muscular Dystrophy. When I went to the examination room there was an older doctor with a bow tie and Kenneth Copeland waiting for me to perform their duties. The two of them were working together on my behalf to bring healing to me. It was some kind of trial program teaming faith with medicine to help people get well and they were learning from each other.

Later in 2008 I got a letter telling me it was time for my semi-annual checkup. I thought very little about that dream after I had it up until we went to the clinic and they told us we would be seeing a new doctor. Before he came in I told my mom what if it’s the doctor from my dream. Anyways when he walked in I almost fainted because the doctor from my dream is still the doctor at that clinic. He don’t know Kenneth yet but the two of them are forever linked in the spirit as symbols of the combining of natural and super-natural healing. This merger for many seems irrational at both ends of the spectrum but the bringing together of the two is bringing Jesus to the place where man fails and allowing Him to finish what He already finished. Jesus said the sick need a doctor but what about the doctor that cannot heal the one who is sick. The sick need a doctor and sinners need Jesus in the same way (Mark 2:16-17). Where doctors fail Jesus is there to heal and save us from sin and its effects in our lives. When the woman with the issue of blood finally came to Jesus it was after she had seen many doctors. Actually it says she suffered under their care but where they caused her pain Jesus was able to heal and set her free from her burden (Mark 5:25-29). There is a need in this world for doctors if there was not they wouldn’t be in the bible. One of Jesus’ disciples, Luke was a doctor so their ability to heal is close to the heart of God (Colossians 4:14). If doctors follow Jesus they not only have the ability but the power to heal through Christ. From the river of God flows life to grow everything we need for our enrichment (Ezekiel 47:12). Jesus is the Tree of Life if we follow His word we will have our fill of meat and through faith in Him  we are already healed. Jesus wants to be the doctor to those who need a touch from Him. He is the giver of life and He will sustain us!

We will be expanding the reach of Tuesdays Torch to shine our light so others can see it and be saved.  We pray the words of this Tuesdays Torch and every Torch will sink into the hearts and minds of readers.  Please feel free to forward The Torch to others so we can encourage them with its message. If there are any churches or ministries that could benefit from the sharing Tuesdays Torch please let us know so together we can spread the light into dark places. We pray the Lord will continue touching every reader. All of what Christ did He did so we would believe. He told us not to believe because of what He said but in what He did (John 14:11). Every Tuesdays Torch we talk a little more about what He did and talk about what He is still doing. The best thing God has ever done was sending us His Son so we could be saved (John 3:16). If anyone is not a believer our prayer is that they will meet the Lord. If anyone wants to make Jesus Christ their Savior send a message to: and we will help it happen. Look out for next Tuesdays Torch by email or find it on Facebook by searching Tuesdays Torch. Thanks and God Bless!

No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. Luke 8:16

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